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Patented Chrome Paint System & Specialized Clear Coatings

         Paint & Graphic Systems that were, are, and hopefully will be used by the greatest hockey players in the world.
Durability & Appearance have to be the best!

The Hockey News, Full Page Ad, September 7, 2009 - Henrik Zetterberg


Sweet Commerical: Johan Frazen & Dodge
Ram VS. Mule! Paints on Mule's SE16 look great!

Making an Easton SE16
3 min - May 29, 2009 - Uploaded by captaincanuck7
Heidi Androl visits the Easton Hockey Factory in Mexico to help build Ryan Getzlaf's next hockey stick. youtube.com - Related videos

SE16 Easton Marketing Video Below!
The Chrome, Red, and Blue paints POP!

Metallic paints do not POP, the metallics just sparkle because of their visible flake finish. Chrome Paints produce no flakes, but a smooth finish! Thus, the POP!


The Making of the Original Easton Stealth hockey stick.The blade and hosel areas really POP in this video, due to the newly introduced Chrome Paint System!

Yellow Paint System!
1 year wonder for 220-221 in the Pros on this one?

The Hockey News, November 1, 2010, Front Cover.  Mike Modano has scored more goals then any other NHL player born in the United States. Modano's stick above is painted with the Chrome Paint System!



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Chrome Paint System
Red Chrome Paint System
Blue Chrome Paint System
Gold Chrome Paint System
Pink Chrome Paint System
Green Chrome Paint System

220-221's R&D

Being Painted with the Chrome Paint System

Wilson Tennis  launched their partially metallic pink racket January 9, 2011. Unfortunately for team Wilson, no way can a metallic pink paint compare to our Chrome Pink Paint! Plus, when will tennis rackets stop looking like walls of graffiti? Remember the original Wilson Ultra? The original Prince Graphite? Anyone? Anyone? Tone it down designers! Seems like tennis rackets look worse every year. Why is that OK?

Please call to inquire about Testing our Chrome and its Top Coat Color Paint Systems!

888 409 7220

The Chrome Shine, as a base or primer!

March 24, 2010, Total Hockey E-mail, "All Hail - The NEW Warrior Dolomite Spyne"
*Hockey Sticks Painted with the Chrome Paint System