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Sports Magazine Covers Displaying Product!

Bob Kistler's Partial List Below:

46 The Hockey News Front Covers

                              The Hockey News, January 28, 2013               The Hockey News, November 12, 2012            The Hockey News, June 1, 2012           
21 The Hockey News Back Covers
The Hockey News Magazine Annual Yearbook Covers

9 Sporting News Front Covers

7 Sports Illustrated Front Covers

                                              June 10, 2013 Cover!                                                                                                                    March 14, 2013 Cover!

4 Hockey Business News Covers

2 NHL Faceoff Magazine Front Covers

Several Inside Lacrosse Front & Back Cover

FATHEAD Wall Graphics (6 Ft. Tall) of NHL Stars:
 Contain a product sold & managed by 220-221's Bob Kistler
 (Nash, Parise, Sutter, Doughty, Franzen, Cammalleri, Sakic, Nash, Koivu, Iginla, Zetterberg, Chelios, Toews, Modano, Richards, Keith)


The Hockey News, September 13, 2010 - includes 2010 Stick Buyer's Guide - over 20% of the pages contained a product sold and managed by 220-221's Bob Kistler.


Innovative (now Warrior Hockey) made the first composite shaft that Wayne Gretzky "The Great One" used at the 1999 All-Star Game, for Hespeler Hockey. He was named MVP of the game and used that shaft for the rest of his playing career!

Kistler pioneered the decal application process for this hockey stick model first, then the entire hockey stick industry. The process has resulted in millions of great looking hockey sticks that hold up to the toughest conditions imaginable in sports!

1999 All-Star Game Highlights!


The "Great One's" Last Game!


Doug Gilmour, 1999 Captain of the Blackhawks, also using the Hespeler 9009 hockey stick!

BK's Latest SI Cover To Date!

#2 Duncan (Go Green!) Keith's Easton hockey stick is painted with the Red and Chrome Paint Systems.

#19 Jonathan Toews' Warrior hockey stick is painted with the Chrome Paint Systems.

When Billy & Roger Christian were partial owners of Christian Brothers Hockey! (Shaft and Blade)

Plus, Goalie sticks that acutally looked like someone cared! Nice Eagle Customization!